Overview on the iTILT research papers

margret kullanıcısının resmi

Five articles have been published or are due to be published by the partners:


Whyte, S., Cutrim Schmid, E., & van Hazebrouck, S. (2011). Designing IWB Resources for Language Teaching: the iTILT Project.International Conference on ICT for Language Learning, 4th Edition.


Koenraad, A.L.M. (2012). Towards Effective Use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Modern Language Classroom. In Alicja Wujec Kaczmarek (ed.) Technologie informacyjne i komunikacyjne w nowoczesnej edukacji - z perspektywy polskiej i europejskiej. Opole: MODN (Information and Communication Technologies in Modern Education - From Polish and European Perspective)

Whyte, S., Beauchamp, G., & Hillier, E. (2012). Perceptions of the IWB for second language teaching and learning: the iTILT project. In L. Bradley & S. Thouësny (Eds.), CALL: Using, Learning, Knowing, EUROCALL Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, 22-25 August 2012, Proceedings (pp. 320-6). © Research-publishing.net Dublin 2012.  

Hillier, E., Beauchamp, G. and Whyte, S. (2013) ‘A study of self-efficacy in the use of interactive whiteboards across educational settings: a European perspective from the iTILT project.’ Educational Future, 5 (2), pp. 3-23

In press

Whyte, S., Cutrim Schmid, E., van Hazebrouck, S., & Oberhofer, M. (in press). Open educational resources for CALL teacher education: the iTILT interactive whiteboard project.  CALL.

In preparation

Koenraad, T., Çelik, S, Higgins, A, Hillier E. Approaches and resources to promote teacher competencies development for effective interactive whiteboard use, highlighting 2 EU projects:  iTILT and SMARTVET.



The iTILT team is also contributing with 5 papers to the book Interactive Whiteboards and Language Teacher Professional Development to be published by Continuum. The book is part of a book series on ”Advances in Digital Language Learning and Teaching”, which is edited by Michael Thomas, Mark Warschauer and Mark Peterson and aimed for teacher trainers and postgraduates.

(Tentative) Table of Contents

1.    Foreword written by Josef Colpaert, LINGUAPOLIS – University of Antwerp

2.    General Introduction : theoretical framework of the edited collection (Shona Whyte)

3.    Case Studies (based on iTILT data) :

1. IWB in Language Education for learners with special educational needs: learning Welsh at primary school. (Emily Hilier, Gary Beauchamp)

2. A task-based approach to videoconferencing with the IWB: a French-German primary EFL class exchange (Shona Whyte,  Euline  Cutrim Schmid)

3. Academic Teacher Training and the IWB: training pre-service teachers in Belgium (Margret Oberhofer, Tom Smits, Mathea Simons)

4. Exploring IWB use for Language Instruction in Turkish Higher Education Settings (Serkan Celik)

5. Using digital games on the interactive whiteboard to support spoken interaction in the secondary language classroom (Graham Stanley)