Overview on the iTILT presentations

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The iTILT - project has been presented on different occasions at a national and international level. Please find here an overview of the most important presentations.


Oberhofer, M. Interactive Whiteboards. Annual NUT-conference (Nederlandstalige Universitaire Talencentra), Antwerp, Belgium, March 2011.

Stanley, G. The iTILT project, IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Pre-Conference Event, Brighton, UK, April 2011.

Cutrim Schmid, E. Mehr Medien, weniger Interaktion? - Theorie und Praxis digitaler Tafeln im Unterricht. International Research-day at the University of Jena, Germany, September 2011.

Whyte, S. Pre-service teachers' views on technology for teaching and learning foreign languages. EUROCALL CMC & Teacher Education SIG Annual Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, April, 2011.

Whyte, S. La place des nouvelles technologies dans la formation à l'enseignement de l'anglais à l'école primaire. SAES Atelier Didactique, Paris, France, May 2011.

Cutrim Schmid, E.The development of language teachers’ expertise in exploiting the interactive whiteboard towards a socio-cognitive approach to computer assisted language learning the project. AILA Conference Bejing, China, August 2011.

Koenraad, T. The iTILT project: towards resources to promote effective interactive whiteboard use in Language Education. Poster presentation at Eurocall conference, Nottingham. UK, September 2011.

Çelik, S. Educational Exploitation of Content Management Systems: iTILT Project Case. International Computer & Instructional Technologies Symposium, Elazig, Turkey, September 2011.

Whyte, S., Cutrim Schmid, E., & van Hazebrouck, S. Designing IWB Resources for Language Teaching: the iTILT Project.International Conference on ICT for Language Learning. Florence, Italy, October 2011.

Whyte, S. Developing and integrating teacher competences in language acquisition, pedagogy and technology. Colloque international sur l'évolution et professionalisation des enseignants de langues.  DILTEC, Paris, France,  November 2011.

Van Hazebrouck, S. Learners’ and Teacher’s perception Regarding the Use of the Interactive Whiteboard as a Tool. Meet the Needs of Learners with Diverse Learning Styles. Tag des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses, Karlsruhe, December 2011.


Oberhofer, M. Effectief gebruiken van interactieve whiteboards Language Center ICT-Day, University of Tilburg, Netherlands, January 2012.

Oberhofer, M., & Simons, M. Toekomstige leraren voorbereiden op didactisch gebruik van ICT. Annual VELOV-conference (Nederlandstalige Universitaire Talencentra), Antwerp, Belgium, February 2012.

Oberhofer, M: Het digibord in de taalles: een waaier aan inspirerende praktijkvoorbeelden. CNO. Oktober, November (3x) 2012.

Braddock, P.  IWBs & the iTILT Project, IATEFL conference, Glasgow, UK (filmed for IATEFL online audience), March 2012.

Cutrim Schmid, E., & Koenraad, T. Exploring the potential of the Interactive Whiteboard for CLIL classrooms. CLIL 2012: From Practice to Visions Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, April 2012.

Van Hazebrouck, S. Interactive Whiteboards in Foreign Language Classroom: Findings on the European Project iTILT. iMedia - integrative Medienbildung, Mainz, Germany, May 2012.

Van Hazebrouck, S., & Whyte, S. Two-day workshop on IWBs and iTILT.  University of Strasbourg, France, June 2012.

Whyte, S. Learning technologies in language teacher education. International Perspectives on Education, Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, June 2012.

Hillier, E., Beauchamp, G., & Whyte, S. Towards an effective transition framework - the use of Interactive whiteboards in educational settings: a European perspective from the iTilt project. BESA (British Educational Studies Association) conference, University of Hull, June 2012.

Oberhofer, M.  Het Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) als medium voor communicatief taalonderwijs. IOIW-Research DAY, Antwerpen, Belgium, July 2012.

Whyte, S., Beauchamp, G., & Hillier, E. Perceptions of the IWB for second language teaching and learning: the iTILT project. EuroCALL, Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2012.

Cutrim Schmid, E., Oberhofer, M., & Van Hazebrouck, S. Developing criteria for the design and evaluation of interactive whiteboard based materials: Intermediate findings from the iTILT project. EuroCall 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2012.

Oberhofer, M., & Koenraad, T. Digibord gebruik in de lespraktijk: een Europees perspectief. Landelijke Studiedag van Levende Talen, Utrecht, Netherlands, November 2012.

Van Hazebrouck Thompson, S. iTILT: A European Project on the Use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Foreign Language Classroom. Tag des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses der Pädagogischen Hochschulen, Heidelberg, Germany, November 2012.

Whyte, S.  Le TBI dans l'enseignement des langues étrangères : le projet européen iTILT. Journée TICE Université de Nice, November 2012.


Oberhofer, M., & Koenraad, T. iTILT: discover how teachers use the interactive whiteboard in language teaching. BETT-show,  February 2013. 

Van Hazebrouck Thompson, S. The use of iTILT materials. Workshop at Primary School in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, February 2013.

Koenraad, T. iTILT – Interactice Technologies in Language Teaching. Meeting of E-LINGO master students in Freiburg Baden-Würtemberg,Germany, February 2013.

Oberhofer, M. Het digibord in de taalles: een waaier aan inspirerende praktijkvoorbeelden. CNO Antwerp, Belgium, March 2013.

Whyte, S. Interactive technologies for classroom language teaching: iTILT and the IWB. Webinar Saarland Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien, April 2013.

Whyte, S., & Alexander, J. Learning to Use Interactive Technologies for Language Teaching: Video Diaries for Teacher Support in the iTILT Project. Atelier didactique SAES, Dijon, France, May 2013.

Koenraad, T., Çelik, S., Higgins, A. & Hillier, E.  Approaches and resources to promote teacher competencies development for effective interactive whiteboard use, highlighting 2 EU projects:  iTILT and SMARTVET. International Symposium, New Issues on Teacher Education Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, May 2013,

Cutrim Schmid, E.  IWB in EFL teaching. Guest lecture in PH Lüneburg, Germany, June 2013.

Whyte, S. Le tableau blanc interactif en classe de langue: le projet iTILT. Webinaire Saarland Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien. June, 2013.

Whyte, S. Interaction and interactivity in technology-rich second language classrooms: the iTILT project in France. WorldCALL, Glasgow, Scotland, July 2013.

Koenraad, T., Whyte, S., Stanley, G. Comenius summer course on iTILT summer course. Valencia, Spain, July 2013.

Koenraad, T. iTILT and SMARTVET: iTILT and SMARTVET: 2 EU projects to promote effective interactive whiteboard use in Language and Vocational Education.EuroCALL 2013, Evora, Portugal, September 2013.


IWB-related research

Master’s theses:  Mémoires de Master 2 Langues ( Anglais )

Alexander, J. 2013. Interactive technologies for EFL in French state educational settings. UNS.  
Lanteri, M. 2012. Interactivité avec la technologie dans les classes d'anglais à effectif élevé. UNS.

Mémoires de Master 2 EEF

Cabrita, A. 2013. L’enseignement de langues étrangères avec le TBI à l’école : perspectives europeénnes.
Olivier, K. 2013. L’impact du Tableau Blanc Interactif dans l’apprentissage d’une langue vivante étrangère.