Sharing online content and complying to copyright

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This week I participated in a webinar run by another EU project, Web2LLP, whose goal is to help Lifelong Learning Projects like iTILT make the most of social media to promote their work.  

We had already been invited to give an interview on our social media strategy for the project based on our extensive use of a range of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  I talked to Web2LLP partner Katerina Zourou at the EuroCALL conference last summer in Sweden as part of that project's video showcase.  This proved a useful opportunity to bring our project to a wider public, beyond the computer-assisted language teaching and research audience for our conference presentations (e.g., Whyte, S., Beauchamp, G., & Hillier, E. Perceptions of the IWB for second language teaching and learning: the iTILT project).  

This week's Web2LLP webinar was the fourth of five sessions making up a pilot course in social media for EU projects, and addressed content curation and copyright issues.  I talked about my curated sites for language teachers (TELT) and EFL learners (Learning technologies for EFL) but also gave an overview of the iTILT project and mentioned Graham's curated site IWBs and Language Teaching which has also served our project.