TELLConsult's latest project dissemination activities

tonk kullanıcısının resmi

We have been very active in the first half of 2013 disseminating projects we are involved in, including iTILT. 

Our efforts to get Dutch educational organisations interested in iTILT has had some effect considering that even the National Schoolnet (Kennisnet) has reported on some of the iTILT activities as can be seen (given good eyes and some command of Dutch) on one of the former pages of their IWB theme subsite in this picture: 


The University was so kind as to make a private car available so we could fortunately also have a taste of this extraoardinary geological area by making brief stops at some of the top locations.         



  • For more info - including links to SlideShare for the Powerpoint files used for these events -see my blogposts on TELLConsult's recent dissemination activities here and at the SMARTVET community site here and another one here.