Find a number of video tutorials here to support you in making optimal use of the iTILT website.

The iTILT project

A video introducing iTILT, a European project which focuses on the use of interactive whiteboards (IWB) in the communicative language classroom.



Overview on the iTILT website

Tutorial on the different features of the iTILT website: www.itilt.eu 


iTILT: searching the video resources

Tutorial on how to use the advanced search options to find clips on specific topicis in the database of over 250 video registrations of IWB classroom teaching.



iTILT: Using the quick search function

Tutorial on how to use the quick search function on the the iTILT website www.itilt.eu to find video resources on IWB-classroom practice.


iTILT teaching materials

Tutorial on how to use the iTILT teaching materials available on www.itilt.eu



iTILT Training Handbook

Handbook with suggestions on how to use the IWB for the key curriculum areas in modern language education.



Using iTILT for teacher training

Tutorial on how to use the iTILT website www.itilt.eu for teacher training.

iTILT project library search

Tutorial on how to use the search facilities of the iTILT collection of references to relevant IWB and language education related research, resources and more...


iTILT Forums

Tutorial on how to use the forums at the iTILT website www.itilt.eu.