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Overview on the iTILT research papers

Five articles have been published or are due to be published by the partners:


Whyte, S., Cutrim Schmid, E., & van Hazebrouck, S. (2011). Designing IWB Resources for Language Teaching: the iTILT Project.International Conference on ICT for Language Learning, 4th Edition.


margret kullanıcısının resmi

Overview on the iTILT presentations

The iTILT - project has been presented on different occasions at a national and international level. Please find here an overview of the most important presentations.


Oberhofer, M. Interactive Whiteboards. Annual NUT-conference (Nederlandstalige Universitaire Talencentra), Antwerp, Belgium, March 2011.

Stanley, G. The iTILT project, IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Pre-Conference Event, Brighton, UK, April 2011.