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The structure of the ear

Uploaded by Ton Koenraad,

IWB materials Collection


Resource language: English

Author(s)/editor(s): Siemens Stiftung 2013

Educational context(s): Primary Education, Secondary Education, Vocational Education

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From this collection of digital we selected this item on the human ear:

Content package for interactive whiteboards:

Individual media related to the strucutre of the ear are compiled here in a meaningful didactic way for teaching using an interactive whiteboard. For elementary schools.

All media in the content package for the interactive whiteboards are included in this self-extracting file. The content package can be started simply by clicking the “.exe" file. 

The content package for interactive whiteboards can be used at the primary school level as well as in secondary schools. In the case of interactive media, an appropriate labeling mode (simple or complex) can be selected according to the target group (primary school or secondary school).
With the other media, the target group is explicitly defined.

The content package consists of the following media:
• 4 images: One photo of an ear, one image for discussion and two unlabeled graphics, one for the entire ear and one for the entire ear and the brain
• 3 interactive graphics: “The structure of the ear” with two levels of complexity; “Hear, recognize, and understand speech”
• 1 video clip: Anatomy of the ear
• 2 text documents: “The structure and function of the ear” (guideline for teachers), “This is how we hear!”
• 4 interactive exercises: One labeling task of the individual parts of the ear and one matching exercise with the areas of the ear, each with two levels of complexity
• 1 worksheet: “Do you know the parts of the ear? (ES),” with answer sheet
• 1link list: “The structure of the ear”
• 1 guideline for teachers for the interactive whiteboard content

Note: Registration at this site is needed to download this content package.

Target Languages

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish





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