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iTILT Partner Clip Selection: How to achieve learning goals in a motivating and supportive way

Uploaded by Ton Koenraad,



Resource language: English

Author(s)/editor(s): Ton Koenraad

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The blogpost 'How to achieve learning goals in a motivating and supportive way’ refers to clips showing classroom practices related to the criterion [...] Flipchart should support teachers in setting the context for language learning activities, in motivating learners and in providing linguistic and cognitive support for the achievement of clearly defined language learning goals.” (Training Handbook, page 14).  

This blogpost is part of the iTILT Partner Clip Selection, a series of blogposts in which iTILT-team members highlight  a number of clips from the iTILT.eu website illustrating classroom practices that illustrate one or more of the criteria that the iTILT team expects to be conducive to effective communicative language teaching.

Individual items in this iTILT selection can be found by using the keywords or the tag ‘iTILT Partner Clip Selection’  on the Library search page.






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