Comenius course on IWB in Language Education most successful

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Comenius course on IWB in Language Education most successful
The first edition of the Comenius course ‘Using Interactive Whiteboards in Language Education’ organised by the iTILT project was successfully concluded and most positively evaluated at the Technical University in Valencia, Spain, at the end of week 29 (July 15-19).
During this 5-day course an international team of IWB experts including Shona Whyte (NICE University) (photo on the left)  and Paul Braddock (British Council)  managed to orchestrate a great variety of workshops and activities (n > 18) to enhance participants' practical skills such as exploiting the iTILT website functionalities, searching for resources, using the board for specific Language Areas (reading, listening & speaking, etc) and evaluating, adapting and designing materials using IWB authoring software.
Thanks to collaboration with Valencia Polytechnic and the generous support by Promethean Spain in providing an additional board delegates could familiarize themselves with and develop their skills for both ActiveBoard and SMARTboard. (see photo on the right showing Paul Braddock in the Promethean Lab supervising class working on one of the workshop assignments).
The evaluation results show that particpants highly appreciated the quality of this intensive course.
A vast majority (n >70%) indicates to have greatly improved their practical IWB skills and gained much to very much IWB-related pedagogical know-how. 
The chart on the left shows that for most participants the course in effect met (almost) all their expectations -related respectively to content, practice opportunities, materials used, facilities and cultural events- fully or to a great extent.
The course delegates also enjoyed the cultural and social activities very much as testified by comments to have even more organised activities and also by the amount of photographs taken and shared. (photo on the right taken during guided city tour) 
The full evaluation report is available below, as an attachment to this post.
Future editions
The planning and preparations for the 2014 editions will start in September. Announcements about times and locations, planned to be available by early November, can be found at the iTILT website and in the EU training database.