TELLConsult is a registered, independent consultancy firm initiated and owned by Ton Koenraad. Its general objective is to contribute to quality promotion of Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning with a special focus on Technology Enhanced Language Learning. To this end the main activities are related to the professional development of (language) teachers and teacher educators and the definition, development and evaluation of innovative projects related to Information & Communication Technology in (Language) Education.

TELLConsult’s previous and current project participations are in the field of (task design) for Computer and Mobile Assisted Language Learning (CALL & MALL), CMS customization for Communities of Interest and  Educational Telecollaboration, Interactive Whiteboard Training and research, e-tools for Content Integrated Language Learning (CLIL) and 3D Virtual Worlds for language learning.

TELLConsult’s website and portfolio can be found here:

Profile A.L.M. (Ton) Koenraad, MA (Utrecht)

After finishing his studies at Utrecht and Shef­field Uni­versity Ton Koenraad worked for 15 years as a teacher in secondary education and part-time trainer of in-service language teachers. Consequently he worked in Higher Education where he held a variety of positions: Lecturer in MFL Pedagogy, Teacher/Researcher e-learning and ICT & CALL-coordinator. For 20 years he worked as a language teacher educator and ICT-E consultant at the Faculty of Education of the Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands 

He is a registered expert for the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning programme and contributes to e-learningEuropa. He actively participates in various networks, SIGs and CoPs; e.g. for the European Centre of Modern Languages (ECML) he moderated the LanguageQuest network. On behalf of TELLConsult he is involved in the acquisition, development and evaluation of national and EU-projects in the fields of modern languages, teacher education and e-learning.

His publications and contributions to conferences are available from his personal pages at