Linguapolis - University of Antwerp

As an Institute for Language and Communication within the University of Antwerp LINGUAPOLIS has the unique opportunity to combine practical expertise with academic quality. It organises and offers: language courses and communication training in more than 15 languages, development of materials for language teaching and testing, design of systems for language teaching and testing , research projects in (technology enhanced) language learning and teaching, research publications and presentations. In the past LINGUAPOLIS has successfully completed projects for several European languages.

LINGUAPOLIS had a triple role in the iTILT-project: coordinator, IT-developer and data collector for Belgium and the Netherlands.
The members of the LINGUAPOLIS-team involved in iTILT include: 

Margret Oberhofer is International Projects Co-ordinator at LINGUAPOLIS. Since 2005 she has been coordinating several national and international R&D projects related to elearning. Click here for an overview of the projects.
Margret is also a part-time eLearning assistant at the Institute for Education and Information Sciences of the University of Antwerp.

Jozef Colpaert is Professor of Educational Engineering, Instructional Technology and CALL at the Institute for Education and Information Sciences of the University of Antwerp. He has developed a wide range of courseware applications, and has carried out research projects in language pedagogy and courseware design. Furthermore, he is Director of Research and Development at LINGUAPOLIS, the Institute for Language and Communication. He is editor-in-chief of the CALL Journal (Taylor & Francis) and organizer of the International CALL Conference in Antwerp.

Danijel Beljan is a software engineer at LINGUAPOLIS. He is responsible for the development of three LINGUAPOLIS EU-Projects:,, He is up to date with the latest software & tools for building interactive websites. (PHP, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL  and more).