iTILT - Helping language teachers make the most of interactive whiteboards

Welcome to the iTILT website, your first stop when it comes to teaching languages effectively with the interactive whiteboard (IWB). ITiLT stands for interactive Technologies In Language Teaching, and is a European project which aims to promote best practice in communicative language teaching using interactive whiteboards.


Interactive whiteboards may look like normal whiteboards, but can significantly transform the language classroom. For this to happen, teachers need to be given adequate training and support in how to use the tool communicatively, to be aware of strategies and procedures for designing effective IWB materials, and to have the opportunity to reflect on their own practice.

 Project Aims

  • produce effective IWB training materials for language teachers
  • inform teachers of IWB best practice based on research
  • provide a support network for teachers and schools
  • bring together teachers from all sectors (primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational) of education
  • encourage the sharing of example lesson plans
  • promote reflective practice with IWBs

  iTILT Website

 The ITiLT project website aims to provide language teachers with a place to go to for professional development, training and support. You will find:

  • information about how best to use the IWB in language teaching
  • example videos of teachers using the interactive whiteboard effectively in the language classroom
  • an online community of educational experts and language teaching practitioners who are using the interactive whiteboard
  • guidelines and support for teacher trainers
  • resources for teachers (lesson plans, etc.) supporting the teaching of a range of different European languages, such as Spanish, French, English, German, Dutch, Welsh and Turkish
  • interviews with teachers about using interactive whiteboards
  • an open-source archive of example IWB materials
  • interviews with teachers and learners about using interactive whiteboards

  The website will be of value to all educators interested in effective teaching with IWBs, but will be of particular interest to:

  • Language teachers
  • Language teacher trainers
  • Learning technology specialists
  • Decision makers in the field of education