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Convincing others - Speaking - Screen Shade

Uploaded by Margret Oberhofer, Linguapolis, University of Antwerp (Belgium)


In the class on English Presentation and Performance the learners have to convince other learners of the benefits of certain unpleasant things. Convincing others is part of the training for a pitch that the learners will have to do as  an assignment. The teacher uses a photo to explain the idea of a support group. The class is split into two "support groups". The person on the chair has to convince others of the benefits of different topics, which are revealed step by step with the screen shade. As an example they discuss the benefits of getting lost ("you get to know new places", "freedom"). In the next case, the learners have to convince others of the benefits of... hair on the toes.


Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: Various

Age range: 18+

Language level: B2 - Upper Intermediate

Educational context: Higher Education

IWB Features: Hide & Reveal, Image

Teaching methods: Whole class instruction

Language area: Speaking

IWB board used: SMART Board

Teacher comment

This slide worked quite well. The image supported the activity and the screen is a nice way to make things visible when necessary and step by step. It is also somehow more interactive, because they are curious what is behind the screen. They want to know that.

Learner comments

I like the way she can hide some parts of the assignment or answers. She starts in the beginning and we don’t see  the rest of the assignment. So we can’t be prepared; in a way that is more interesting and it makes us prepared better for the assignment.

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