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Brainstorming about a sales pitch - adding and saving a page

Uploaded by Margret Oberhofer, Linguapolis, University of Antwerp (Belgium)


What works about a sales pitch and what doesn’t? In this class on English Presentation and Performance the teacher first shows an example for a sales pitch from the show ‘Dragons Den’. In this show, aspiring entrepreneurs pitch to five multi-millionaires, with the expertise and the money to turn their ideas into a business. After watching the video, the class brainstorms on  what worked and what didn’t work in the pitch. The teacher writes the answers on the IWB and adds a page because the current page is full. After the lesson the teacher saves the notes and uploads the IWB-file and a pdf-version on the online platform of the university. This allows learners to participate in the discussion rather than focusing on taking notes.


Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: Various

Age range: 18+

Language level: B2 - Upper Intermediate

Educational context: Higher Education

IWB Features: Video, Writing/pen tool (inc. handwriting recognition)

Teaching methods: Whole class discussion, Plenary (reflection)

Language area: Speaking

IWB board used: SMART Board

Teacher comment

I tend to use slides like this 1) for myself to use instead of a lesson plan so that I know what’s coming next and 2) for learners to make sure everything is on the slide. They don’t have to take notes and can see it later. This, I think, allows learners to listen more actively because they know the note will be uploaded on the online platform afterwards. They are not concerned with taking notes so much and more with the lesson itself.
I added a slide there because content hadn’t really be discussed. This is something I had not prepared as such. But the IWB allow you to remain flexible.

Learner comments

She can make changes in the presentation just right away and I think it is very effective way of teaching and interactive learning.  It is an advantage: she can just upload these slides with all our input without any further work. I think it was surprising how she came from the whiteboard to the video by just one click. I didn’t see that before.


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