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American vs British spelling - online search

Uploaded by Margret Oberhofer, Linguapolis, University of Antwerp (Belgium)


Avoiding spelling mistakes in a presentation is very important. Learners of the class 'English Presentation and Performance' summarize the most common differences between American English (‘behavior’) vs British English (‘behaviour’). The IWB allows the teacher to easily move words from one column to the other, look up words in the online dictionary and switch between on- and offline pages.


Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: Various

Age range: 18+

Language level: B2 - Upper Intermediate

Educational context: Higher Education

IWB Features: Drag & drop, Interactive objects

Teaching methods: Whole class questioning

Language area: Spelling

IWB board used: SMART Board

Teacher comment

I prefer using the computer to look up words. I don’t like the keyboard on the IWB because that takes too long. I haven’t worked with it a lot, but I think typing doesn’t really work and until now it wasn’t really possible to use it. I think it is a shame, because I would prefer to do everything on the IWB. But on the other hand if you are working too long on the IWB, you are also turning your back on the learners and I don’t like that. Therefore, I thought this is the best solution at this moment.

Learner comments

Learner 1: I totally enjoy this kind of tool.  For example: The teacher wrote down a lot of words and she will save it and send to us. So we have all the words and hints she gave us.

Learner 2: I do not have to take any notes anymore. All notes that are made by the teacher will be sent to us afterwards and you can see them once more. It gives me a relaxed feeling, I can focus on what she is saying in the class and not write down everything the whole time. That is very useful.

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