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CLIL lesson. Geographical features - Picture reveal

Uploaded by Paul B, British Council Barcelona (Spain)


This clip is at the beginning of the class and shows the teacher giving an introduction to the topic of the lesson, which is geographical features with a particular focus on water. The teacher is using the reveal tool and encouraging learners to guess which particular feature she is revealing. The learners are engaged, interested and trying to guess what the picture is. This group of learners are all 6 years old. Their native language is Spanish or Catalan, but their schooling at is entirely in English. 




Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: Various

Age range: 6+

Language level: A2 - Lower Intermediate

Educational context: Primary Education

IWB Features: Hide & Reveal

Teaching methods: Whole class questioning

Language area: Speaking

IWB board used: Hitachi Starboard

Teacher comment

I think what is so good about using the IWB in this way is that it grabs the learners' attention instantly. The images on the board here are big and colourful which attracts their attention in the way that a small picture wouldn't. They can all see the image as well, which they wouldn't all be able to do if I was using a small picture on a piece of card. The reveal tool is a great way to build their enthusiasm about a simple picture. You notice the volume getting louder and louder as they all try to guess what the picture is. This might be  problem, but then, as soon as you show them the black screen for the next picture, they go completely silent so there's also that element of classroom management going on as well. One big advantage for me as a teacher is, knowing that I am going to be using the IWB to show  images, I can search through a much wider source of pictures than I would have been able to do previously so I'm much more able to bring the real world into the classroom.

Learner comments

Do you like using the Interactive Whiteboard?

Learner A: Yes, very much. It's big and there are lots of funny things. It's more easier (sic) to learn the things.

Learner B: I like that we can play on the board and become teacher.

Learner C: The best is when we can see our writing and can do a lot of different things.

Did you like the activity where you had to guess what the picture is?

Learner A: Yes, very much. I like because it's not so boring as just using the book (the pictures from the book)

Learner B: It's funny and we all can shout a lot and the teacher doesn't get angry!

Learner C: Yes. The pictures are very nice and big and colourful so it's better. And I like to guess the pictures

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