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Rooms of the House: Stationwork for listening and reading, matching text to embedded audio files with drag and drop

Uploaded by Julie Alexander, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)


This mixed level primary class has been organised using a stationwork or carousel approach, with three groups circling around three activities: listening/speaking at the IWB, listening individually at computers, and individual worksheets, all on the topic of the rooms of the house. In this extract, the learners take turns coming to the board to click on an embedded audio file and listen to the name of a room in the house. Next, they have to find the matching written word and drag the word next to the audio file. The teacher helps them to recall and pronounce the words, with the others in the group helping too.


Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: French

Age range: 6+

Language level: A1 - beginner

Educational context: Primary Education

IWB Features: Drag & drop, Sound

Teaching methods: Individual activity at IWB, Station / carousel work

Language area: Listening, Pronunciation, Reading, Vocabulary

IWB board used: Promethean

Teacher comment

Interviewer:  So for you, because you have mixed level learners, it's a good tool because it can adapt to the learner, it can reach them in different ways.
Teacher:  Yes, especially the audio thing.  This is very useful.  It's going to be very useful.  Because I use audio on the computers, I record my voice, and they have lots of exercises, hearing, matching, but on paper.  And here they can do it on the board.  Because my kids are used to the board.  We use it in French, in literature.  So they are extremely excited when they come and get to use the board. 

[…] Now that they know they have to click on the little picture to get the sound and then match with the correct image or word, I can leave them alone, and take care of another group, without me giving them instructions.

Learner comments

Apprenant : Moi en fait j'aime bien le TBI parce que déjà c'est original [I like the IWB because it's different]
Enquêteur : Même après toute cette année au TBI ça reste original? [Even after a whole year with the IWB it's still different?]
Apprenant : Oui oui parce que là dessus c'est mieux qu'un ordinateur c'est, comment dire, plus technologique et aussi le stylet ... en fait ça reste toujours technologique. [Yes, yes because on there it's better than on a computer. It's more technological and there's the pen. So it's still technological.]
Apprenant : C'est un ordinateur géant. [It's a giant computer]



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