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Rooms of the House: Embedded audio files and drag and drop images for listening comprehension

Uploaded by Julie Alexander, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)


This mixed level primary class has been organised using a stationwork or carousel approach, with three groups circling around three activities: listening/speaking at the IWB, listening individually at computers, and individual worksheets, all on the topic of the rooms of the house. In this extract, the learners take turns coming to the board to click on an embedded audio file and hear to the name of a room in the house. Next, they have to find the matching image to correspond to the room they hear. The teacher helps them to recall and pronounce the words, and checks for accuracy with the group.



Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: French

Age range: 6+

Language level: A1 - beginner

Educational context: Primary Education

IWB Features: Drag & drop, Image, Sound

Teaching methods: Individual activity at IWB, Station / carousel work

Language area: Listening, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

IWB board used: Promethean

Teacher comment

I think it fits several ages, from little ones to older ones.  One learner told me that it was too simple.  He tells me, in the film, he tells me that it would be harder if I was talking in French and they had to match the word in English.  And yesterday, I did it.  So he was very proud to see that his exercise was on the board.  I made another page. And it was more difficult.
I think it helps them to memorize the word. To hear it, and to see it written, or the drawing, and match them - they really make a link, I think.  They really get both.
Like we said last time, error has a different status with the board.  It's not something terrible.  Because they are extremely disappointed when they make an error, and here they can just click on a button and it's gone, and they can start again.  It's different.  This is motivating for them.

Learner comments

Apprenant : Aussi y avait des petits icones, on devait taper dessus et ça disait le nom d'une pièce, on devait mettre les noms qui était écrit et en fait juste avant y avait les autres ils mettaient les images
[Also there were little icons, we had to click on them and it would say the name of a room, we had to put the corresponding word, and just before that, the others had to put the image]
Apprenant : On a appris aujourd'hui donc les pièces de la maison et ça nous apprend, c'est à dire, comment on appelle cette photo... on a appris par exemple avec les sons, on entend comment ça se dit, on le répète et à la fin on le sait, en fait ça apprend comme en français, on écrit pleins de choses
[Today we learned the rooms of the house, and it lets us learn what this photo is called… we also learned with sounds.  We can hear how to say a word, we repeat it, and in the end we know it, we learn the same way as we would do for French.  We write write lots of things.]



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