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Recognizing and using linking words, highlighting, drag & drop tool

Uploaded by Julie Alexander, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)


This class of 15-year-old French learners analyses a fellow learners' original text to identify linking words using the highlighting tool. Two different learners highlight link words in the first part of the exercise. In the second part, another learner uses the drag & drop feature to re-order the text to put all the sentences and paragraphs into the correct and original sequence.  Another learner comes to the board and corrects him for a few sequences. Finally the teacher shows the original text in the correct order and uses the highlight tool to focus on linking words.

[The teacher is using Smart software with an eBeam.]


Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: French

Age range: 15+

Language level: B1 - Intermediate

Educational context: Secondary Education

IWB Features: Content marking, Drag & drop

Teaching methods: Individual activity at IWB

Language area: Reading, Vocabulary

IWB board used: e-Beam

Teacher comment

Interviewer: So could you do the same activity without the IWB?

Teacher: Well twenty years ago, people were doing this with sheets of paper and they were cutting and reordering.  So you could have this same type of exercises or activities by just sticking, glueing and writing. [The IWB is] a bit different. I think it's just normal evolution: dragging and dropping I think it is easier.

Interviewer: And how does that help them learn?

Teacher: Well you have the visual aspect, which is important in learning is important.  And the auditory aspect, and also moving, go to the board. I've seen learners who never did that before.

Interviewer: So when you work with the IWB you get reactions and participation from learners that don't normally participate

Teacher: Exactly, that was clear, especially in this lesson, it was amazing.

Learner comments

Enquêteur : Quelle est la meilleure chose que vous ayez faite avec le TBI ?
[What's the best thing you've done with the IWB?]
Apprenant 1:  La gomme c'est pas mal
[The eraser's pretty good]
Apprenant 2 : Surligner c'est utile aussi
[Highlighting is useful too]

Other comments

Technical point: the teacher could have grouped the highlighting with the text to maintain its effect even when the paragraphs were moved. You can even do the grouping as you repeat each word making it pedagogically useful.



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