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Seasons: hide/reveal vocabulary

Uploaded by Julie Alexander, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)


This class of special needs primary school learners of English in France (age 7-11) is working on a preliminary exercise on the topic of seasons. Learners come to the board one by one to erase colour to reveal pictures of autumn scenes. The teacher uses the learners' contributions in French to provide vocabulary in English: champignon/mushroom.



Target language: English

Resource language: English

Native language of learners: French

Age range: 8+

Language level: A1 - beginner

Educational context: Primary Education

IWB Features: Hide & Reveal, Image

Teaching methods: Individual activity at IWB

Language area: Pronunciation, Vocabulary

IWB board used: eInstruction / Interwrite

Teacher comment

It shows the interest and the motivation of the kids.
[...] Because there is the effect of surprise.  So that's very interesting.  And I use it in French for reading, and other sections in English.  And most of time they enjoy the fact that they don't have their picture right on the moment and they have to discover.
[...] they always have the same feeling, that it's a surprise.  It's like a gift, you know?   And they share.  "I know what it is, no you don't know that".  So communication between them.
And some, not all the kids, but some of them remembered the words.  "Forest - mush--"  They had the beginning of the word.  So it's a good thing too - because if I only repeat vocabulary words, just like that, just showing the picture, I don't think it's the same.  Because they are not active.
The goal is to create the motivation. I think that's the first - in this kind of exercise, that's it.  Because first they just want to take the pen, to go in front of the board, and to do.  They want that. And sometimes, most of time, they don't listen to me when I'm asking them.  They just want to do.  So this first exercise I think it's important for that.
[...] And because they discover the topic at the same time.  Because when I show them, they don't know what there is behind the color.  So today it's autumn, but maybe it can be other things.  Last session it was the uniform, so they discover children with the school uniform.  So it's a surprise "wow"!  It the same reaction all the time.  So I think it's a very good thing.

Learner comments

I liked when we erased the thing to see the wood, the mushrooms, the autumn fruit.
Because we rub out the colour.  We rub it out and we see what's behind.



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