iTILT Partner Clip Selection

The iTILT Partner Clip Selection is a series of blogposts in which iTILT-team members highlight  a number of clips from the website illustrating classroom practices that illustrate one or more of the criteria that the iTILT team expects to be conducive to effective communicative language teaching. The criteria can be found here.

English: How to use the IWB to create authentic activities
Deutsch: Wie nutzt man das IWB um authentische Aktivitäten zu schaffen

English: How to achieve learning goals in a motivating and supportive way
Dutch: Hoe kun je leerdoelen  bereiken op een motiverende en ondersteunende manier?

English: How to use the IWB efficiently

English: How to use the IWB for interaction in the target language
Français : L'interaction en langue cible au TBI

English: How to include contributions from the learners
Español: Contribuciones de los alumnos

English: How to balance a good amount of visuals in the IWB activities
Türkçe: Etkileşimli Tahta Etkinliklerinde Görsel Kullanımı