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Teachers' representations of the IWB in the language class

One of the main objectives of iTILT is to help teachers learn to use the IWB effectively in their language classes.  But teachers of course have many different ideas about effective second language teaching and learning.  Teachers new to the IWB, for example, may find it intimidating, as this video from the Oxford University Press ELT channel shows.

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Filming in France

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Between our winter and Easter breaks here in the south-east corner of France, the French team filmed nine project teachers using the IWB with their learners in the second round of iTILT filming. We covered a lot of ground: from Menton near the Italian border, through Nice to other Riviera towns Cagnes and Antibes, then 5 more primary and secondary schools in the valleys behind (the Var, the Vésubie and the Tinée).

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Deuxième enregistrements dans l'Académie de Nice

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Entre les vacances d'hiver et celles de printemps, l'équipe française a filmé des séances de langue avec le TBI des neuf enseignants du volet français du projet, allant de Menton à Antibes sur le littoral en passant par la ville de Nice, sans oublier dans l'arrière-pays les vallées de la Vésubie et de la Tinée, ainsi que le Moyen Var.